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Medical Insurance

The cost of medical treatment in Hong Kong is extremely high, and it is therefore important to ensure that you have the necessary medical insurance in place for those times when illness or accidents arise.

There are a wide range of medical insurance products available, but they may not all be suitable, or they may not provide the benefits and covers that you require. The range of options can be overwhelming and the products difficult to understand.

It is therefore recommended that you obtain independent advice regarding the choices available to you so that you can understand the costs, benefits, options and limitations of the cover that you request.

We have been helping Expatriates, Families, Locals and Companies make those choices, by providing personal face to face service for the last twenty five years and are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of products from a large list of International Medical Insurance providers.

For further information, or to request a quotation, contact one of our broking staff who will be pleased to discuss your requirements or will be happy to arrange a convenient appointment to meet.

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